The Tandem, 193 Kennington Road, Kennington
Morland Original 1.62
Morland Old Masters Premium 1.72
Morland Old Speckled Hen 1.98
Morland Smooth 1.80
Morland Revival Mild 1.54
Guinness 2.10
Strongbow Cider 1.90
Lemonade 80p
Crisps (Golden Wonder) 35p (15.x.97)

This pub is visible from the banks of the Thames between Iffley and 
Sandford, but is only accessible from the Kennington side, where it has a 
sizeable car park, and is set back and down from the road.

The service is a bit slow, but it is fully carpeted, and it comes in two 
halves - a food half (the food is cheap but I didn't try it), and the 
drinking half, which has a snooker table and a darts board (with ockey) on 
top of a pretty psychedelic carpet. There's also Sky Sports. They do 
Revival Mild, but this is from a keg, as I remember.

Despite the car park, the trade seems to be mostly from residents of
Kennington. One corner is decorated with pictures of soft toys and
illustrations from A. A. Milne. There were free pistachio nuts on the bar
when I was there, but that was just because they were having the machine

Facilities cleanish, no angle, no soap. (16.x.97)