The Talk House, Stanton St John
Morland Original 1.95
Morland Old Speckled Hen 2.15
Murphys Stout 2.15
Strongbow Cider 2.25
Coke 95p
Lemonade 85p (1.i.98)

Big log fire, car park across the road, large dining sections - this pub 
is much the same idea as the Mill House Inn in Abingdon or the Kings Arms 
in Sandford-upon-Thames but a bit less offensive. It has a decent range of 
stuff on cask, wider than the amount I've cribbed off the bar tariff 
above. The bar staff seem a bit hoity-toity, which is possibly because 
they live in the village.

They do a bowl of chips for 1.50, but when I went to try this out I was 
told that they were closing (at 5.30 in the afternoon) and was chucked out 
into the pouring rain. They have a stone in the floor reading "HOME OF THE 
WIND AND BOTTOM CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN", which I found a bit unsettling.