The Talbot Inn, Oxford Road, Eynsham
Arkells 2B 1.70
Arkells 3B 1.80
Arkells Smooth 1.90
Guinness Stout 2.10
Coffee 85p (11.i.98)

This is the first pub in Eynsham you come to after crossing the toll 
bridge from the Oxford side. The pub sign is a heraldicized Talbot dog, 
which looks a bit like a Gromit but with white ears. There's car parking 
and a few benches outside. It really is very close to the tollbooth.

Inside there's a long bar, a sort of restauranty bit at the Swinford end, 
and a magnificent fire. On the other hand they have piped Fox FM. A 
typical meal will set you back 6, but looks reasonable value.

There's been a pub here since at least the late 18th century, on account 
of the river and the economic importance of Eynsham being on the way 
between quarries and the Thames. It was called the Horse and Jockey till 
1836, when it was renamed - it went from being Halls earlier in the 
century to a Free House to Arkells. There's even the Halls rabbit logo on 
the familiar four tiles next to the door, except with all of the writing 
blacked out. (12.i.98)