The Swan Inn, Lower Street, Islip
Morrells Oxford 1.95
Morrells Varsity 2.25
Morrells Graduate 2.40
Westons Cider 2.35

Soup and french bread 2.50
Fish and Chips 5.50
Pigeon Pie 6.90
Lamb and Apricot Pie 6.90
Duck and Bacon Pie 6.90 (1.i.1999)

Expensive this, but good.

This is the smaller of the pair of pubs in Islip, and overlooks the bridge 
over the River Ray (with geese) in the south of the town. One thing some folk 
(including me) might object to is the display of postcards of women's 
buttocks above the bar, but I think this can be ignored. Odd giant straw 
horseshoe-shaped plaited devices on the walls.

All Morrells stuff except Mild. The barman (who one might take on first sight 
for a landowner somewhere in the home counties) commented to me on my second 
visit, after obviously having noticed me go past towards the Red Lion, that 
I'd come to the right pub this time round. Posters of Zambian birds (aviary 
variety) on the wall, and a dartboard which is probably not in much use owing 
to the amount of furniture in the way.

Food. Yes. I had the Lamb and Apricot Pie, which was magnificent. 
Unfortunately the vegetables that came with it only stretched to peas, which 
was a bit of a disappointment, though the chips were fine. Either it was too 
early on on New Year's Day, or the helpings are so big that you're incapable 
of eating the puddings.

I wanted the Port and Plum Pudding, but couldn't eat any more.

One more thing: Within the lifetime of my scout when I was in St Albans Quad, 
this was apparently called "The King's Head". Perhaps I misheard her, because 
there's a picture of this pub inside it, labelled "The Swan Inn" and dating 
from 1900. Or maybe my scout was wearing extremely well for a centenarian.