The Swan Hotel, Acre End Street, Eynsham
Free House
Courage Best 1.80
Guest ales 2.20 (16.i.1999)

It's very dark and duck-egg blue on the inside of the bar. Some of the 
sofas are leathery. The only bit of the restaurant section you can see 
through the door looks like a parody of a living room with a dark armchair 
being eaten by an enormous white rug.

The guest ale was so crushingly unimaginative that I can't remember what 
it was. It was Old Speckled Hen. They get the Telegraph and leave it round 
for folk to read. There's a big pool table as well on the way to the 
Gents. The Gents itself is like standing over a radiator on at full blast, 
even when the radiator is at the opposite end of the room. (16.i.1999)