The Swan, Church Street, Bicester
(Free House)
Chadwick's Bitter (3.7%) 1.39

Jacket potatoes from 1.25 to 3.95
8 oz steak 5.95
4 oz steak 4.99
Chips 1.50
Bread and butter 25p
Garlic mushrooms 1.50 (12.iii.1999)

It is an enormous relief to find this genuinely old pub in Bicester's town 
centre. It has Greene King IPA and Abbot Ale on cask, and a guest ale. 
That time it was Chadwick's Bitter, which is a surprisingly well-flavoured 
session bitter. Restrained hoppiness.

Barman keen to point out how bad the rest of the pubs in Bicester are. I'm 
inclined to agree with him at the moment. One wall covered in blackboard 
listing food, which is very reasonable. Didn't try any of it, though.

Impressive dog with huge tongue hanging out. Had it not been night, I 
would have suggested that it had sunstroke. The enormously scary thing 
about it, however, is that across the road there's a house painted white 
with a cross of St George on it, and the scores of the England matches in 
the last World Cup above each of the windows. (12.iii.1999)