The Sun Inn (Pubmaster)
5 Church Road, Wheatley, Oxon.

    * Marston's Pedigree 2.20 (v.2000)

Edward Harris writes:
Serves Boddingtons, Old Speckled Hen, Pedigree, and Tetley on draught. The 
beer is well kept and the Pedigree is particularly fine.

Nice old building, in a good state of decoration. Real fire in the main 
part of the bar. They have a telly out for big football matches, but turn 
it off once the game has finished.

The bar is L shaped, with the front door in the middle on the shorter 
part, and the bar continuing along the right of the building. There is a 
dining room beyond this, with table service and a fair range of good 
quality food.

Secluded beer garden at the rear. Does B+B as well.

Friendly bar staff, and slightly mad landlady (Helen), who owns the three 
spaniels, that are very soppy and pathetic, particularly if you have some 

I really like this pub! (18.v.2000)