Sturdy's Castle
Banbury Road, Tackley OX5 3EP. Tel. (01869) 331328 Monday to Saturday 10am to 
Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm

    * Hook Norton Best 2.00 (12.ix.1999)

The A4260 is a big scary road which is MILES ACROSS and has cars going FAR 
TOO FAST on it. Do not approach from that side. Approach it by going to 
Hensington and going up Banbury Road. This is a public information notice. 
Across the A4260 from a wee road that goes down to Tackley itself, there's 
Sturdy's Castle the pub and Sturdy's Castle the garage.

The pub came first and was at some stage a coaching inn. The sign shows a Mr 
Sturdy fighting a Mr Castle next to the pub and a gibbet. The food content of 
the pub is in a wedding-marquee-type extension called "The Hole in the Wall", 
but the beer comes in the proper pub bit. It's Hook Norton Best and rather 
expensive, but in good condition. Lots of benches and lawns outside.