The Star and Garter
Wellington Street, Thame, OX9 3BW. Tel. (01844) 212166

    * Morland Independent IPA 1.75
    * Strongbow Dry Cider 2.10 (23.viii.1999)

Wellington Street is a slightly misleading address, because the best way 
of finding the pub from the High Street is to walk along East Street until 
it becomes Kingsey Road, and you're there.

There's photos on the wall commemorating the pub being redone in 1987, and 
the decoration is of its time. Bitter on cask is either sparklered 
Independent IPA or sparklered Morland Original. The newspaper open on the 
bar was the Sun at the letters page. The correspondents didn't like asylum 
seekers much.

The most interesting thing about the pub is a price list from 1973 that 
has been framed on the wall. If you recall that the average semidetached 
house in those days cost about four thousand pounds, and that one now 
costs about sixty thousand pounds, then the really interesting thing is 
what has happened to the cost of cider.

    * Double Diamond 16p
    * Bitter 13p
    * Mild 12p
    * Cider 7p

I think it's a taxation issue, myself. (23.viii.1999)