The Star (Courage)
Rectory Road, Oxford

Monday to Friday: 2pm to 11pm
Saturday: Noon till 11pm
Sunday: Noon till 10.30pm (

Courage Best 1.30 (Sundays after 6pm, Monday and Tuesday only)
Wadworth 6X 2.30
Westons Scrumpy Jack 2.34 (

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
This place always seems to be full of people with body piercings and 
dreadlocks, but this can be overlooked without much difficulty as 
picturesque. It tends to be immensely crowded of a Friday evening, and has 
a pleasant atmosphere and a probably nonfunctional mangle in the back 
garden, which is large and raffish. Apparently pubs in Norway are like 

Colin Batchelor writes:
Hugely packed out on a Saturday night it is, green stripy wallpaper and 
red lighting on the inside, a woodframed conservatory full of pool tables 
(free of charge on a Sunday) towards the back and out the back an enormous 
split-level garden with a pair of barstools in it (not sure if that was 
intentional). The next door house had a band playing loudly on their 

Beer poorer though, and rather steep. It's served through a swan neck and 
sparkler too. Isn't this unhygienic? Service excellent: despite a huge 
crush at the bar, the barmaid acknowledged me while carrying out the order 
before me, then caught up with my order dead quickly. Wadworth 6X 
drinkable and better than in most non-Wadworth pubs, though not the best 
pint I've had of it by a long shot. The other choices were Theakston XB 
and Courage Best.

The gents are the only ones in Oxford which have "GET TAE KELSO" scrawled 
on them. (If you didn't know, Kelso is a wee town of about four thousand 
population in Selkirkshire in the Scottish Borders.) (