The Six Bells (Halls)
70 Mill Street, Kidlington Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm

    * Bateman's Jolly's Yuletide 1.95 (6.i.1999)

Owen Massey writes:
In fact the public bar isn't that threatening, perhaps because the pub is so 
very small. The two bars (and the few tables and chairs that I think make up 
a food section) are divided by a wall inside which is a fish tank. This is 
not the only unorthodoxy: as well as the guest ales you can apparently buy 
cocktails and ice cream. The soft drinks are served using one of those 
squirter appliances which deliver all drinks at once, and the landlord was a 
virtuoso player.

Not only the landlord but the drinkers took the opportunity to wish us 
goodbye as we left, which indicates the friendliness of the pub. It's very 
warm, too, which is a bonus. Ignore the 'Beware of the Dog' signs: there is a 
Staffordshire bull terrier whose name I didn't find out but looks entirely 
dopey. (18.x.1998)

Editorial note:
The guests in October, when Owen went, were Blackdown Porter and Trafalgar. 
In January 1999, they were Bateman's of Skegness's Christmas ale and another. 
The fishtank was a bit of a let-down, containing only one fish (who was about 
a third the length of it: not sure whether it could turn round) and a toy cow 
in a diving helmet.

Very busy on a Wednesday night in January: difficult to get to the real ale 
on account of the darts players. Lots of friendly bar staff in green polo 
shirts. (6.i.1999)

The landlord has written to tell me that there is only one fish because it 
has eaten all of the other fish, and that the dog is called Paddy. 

Martyn Preston reports:
The Six Bells has recently changed management. Keith and Tania still own it. 
I'll find out the names of the new landlord/landlady.

They also have a Staffordshire terrier - just as dopey as the previous one. 
This one is white - it looks like a peroxide version of the previous one. 
They still have music on a Saturday night. (14.viii.2000)

and updates:
Steve and Sheila are leaving in january - dunno who's taking over yet. The 
fish tank has gone and has been replaced by a trophy (which moves around as 
much as the fish did). (25.xi.2000)

and updates:
Steve and Sheila deecided to leave earlier than January - they left 
yesterday. No news on replacements yet so I guess the the owners will have to 
run it for a while. (11.xii.2000)