The Shoulder of Mutton (Morland)
38 Wallingford Street, Wantage. Abingdon (01235) 762835

Definite locals' pub this. The only signs of any change since the last war 
are the new lettering saying SHOULDER OF MUTTON on the outside, and of all 
things, an Italian Job one-armed bandit. The wooden panelling on the wall 
is painted a sort of mauvy magnolia.

By one of the two bars (which are separated by a warren of mauve wooden 
compartments) was an old man. I can't remember what family he was talking 
about, but he was living on that street in 1932 when one of them who's 
nothing to do with the set of them who are living there now was not even a 
twinkle in the eye of his old man.

Single cask bitter is Morland Original through a sparkler. (30.vii.1999)

This pub appears in CAMRA's National Inventory. (4.i.2001)