The Shaven Crown, Shipton under Wychwood
Free House

    * Hook Norton Best 1.90
    * Addlestones Cider 2.45 (Two Pounds Forty-Five) (

    * Two course meal with coffee 16.99
    * Three course meal with coffee 21.00

Posh hotel in the middle of Shipton, chiefly renowned for being where 
Oswald Mosley stayed for a few years in the thirties. Car park several 
yards down the road for black and shiny vehicles with running boards. 
Sadly they've opened it up to white BMWs and the like.

Luxuriantly rugged, and surprisingly amiable landlord with moustache. 
Times and Telegraph on those poles that you see in public libraries. Menu 
on wall. Not sure whether the prices for the food are reasonable or not 
--- I'd have to try it. Not that far from the railway station.