The Seven Stars (Morrells)
Lake Street, New Hinksey, Oxford.

Now defunct (10.vii.2001)

    * Morrells Oxford Bitter £1.80 (30.v.1999)

Good this. Right "locals" pub it is. Anywhere, however small, that's 
packed on a Tuesday night can't be all bad. It's a converted pair of rooms 
on the ground floor of a typical New Hinksey house on Lake St. The service 
is prompt, and bewilderingly quick, and friendly. Reasonable pint of 
Oxford bitter, chiefly, I suspect, on account of the high turnover of 

There's also a tarmacadamed garden of sorts out the back, with benches, 
which leads on to Stewart Street. The highlight of the pub, other than the 
huge cardboard cutouts of Robin Williams in drag and Gary Lineker, is a 
magnificent fish tank, much like the one they used to have in the 
Bookbinders Arms with an enormous Oscar called Phillip in it.

There is a dog which is either the pub dog or one that's just known to all 
of the clientèle, but I don't know its name. (30.v.1999)

Leigh Perrott tells me that there is an Alsatian-like dog called 
Candy, and adds:
The Tarmac bit out the back of the stars is an Aunt sally pitch. Also they 
have a music quiz there on Thursday and Sunday nights. (16.v.2000)