Now defunct. Sorry. (15.vii.2001)

The Scholar Gypsy (Halls)
The Avenue, Kennington

Ind Coope Light Ale (275ml bottle) 1.10 (20.i.98)

Looks very similar in style and everything to Merton College pavilion,
mostly, I suspect, because it was constructed at about the same time, in
the sixties. Lots of glass doors and concrete beams and wooden panelling.
Not too unpleasant on the inside, but when we arrived the only folk in
were the couple running it (who take over the lease in a few weeks time)
and their enthusiastic Alsatian Gemma.

The choice of beers wasn't terribly good, but the publican's looking to 
get a real ale in by the middle of February, since he enjoys looking after 
it, and has run pubs before with fifteen to twenty real ales at a time, 
apparently. I'll try to get another review of this place done when that's 
been seen to. (20.i.98)