Royal Standard

Recently redone, in the two-main-courses-for-a-tenner market sector. Absinthe in four flavours for GBP 1.95. When I was young, asking for the sparkler off confused barstaff. Now GK have a special dispense for IPA with two settings, north and south, and labelled as such. Cider: Strongbow.


More sympathetic job done on this one than some of the others. I think everything I've mentioned previously apart from the log fire has gone, to be replaced with sails and sea charts of the Thames estuary on the ceiling. Standard New Morrells menus in evidence everywhere and not so much in the way of Oxford United fans. Seems more orientated towards couples. They offer OAP lunches, and the seemingly ubiquitous Dale Collins Fun Quiz.


Squiggly but not that squiggly sign by the door explaining that it's been around since about 1776. About as squiggly as the one in the Talbot Inn in Eynsham. Warm with a real log fire, furnished in pine and with a surprising number of arches, it's an oddly reassuring place, even when full of noisy Oxford United fans on a Saturday night. I suspect the pot plants and the fairy-lit dried branches above the bar will have something to do with this.