The Rose Revived (Morland)

    * Morland Original 1.84
    * Morland Old Speckled Hen 1.84 (special offer - usually 2.14)
    * Murphy's Stout 2.22
    * Coffee 85p
    * Pot of Tea 75p (11.i.1998)

This is mildly awful in a chain-pub-restaurant (the chain in question 
being Morland's Artist's Fare - a definite contender for the worst title 
for anything) sort of way. It has exactly the same sort of wallpaper as 
you'd expect. It has exactly the same sort of mock-living-room decoration 
around and about where you get served. The best bit about it is the 
open-air seating by the Thames. And that it's the only pub open between 
Stanton Harcourt and Kingston Bagpuize late on a Sunday afternoon.

Only the second place in which I've been asked whether I wanted a handle, 
actually. (12.i.98)