The Romany Inn (Free House)
Bampton, Oxfordshire 
Archers Village Bitter 1.35 
Hook Norton Best (3.9%) 1.45 
Donnington SBA 1.65 
Strongbow Dry Cider 1.90 
Guinness Stout 2.10 (25.v.1998) 

Now here is a pub. The prices listed above are not misprints and are the 
cheapest I have seen. There's six beers on cask, accommodation upstairs, 
and food which is dramatically cheap (all under five pounds for a main 
course) (though it was fully booked the day I went for reasons of the 
Bampton Morris passing through) too. It's comfortably but not excessively 
plush and it has a non-smoking restaurant section as well.

The service is friendly and there's a reasonably pretty garden out the 
back with benches, unfortunately beyond the car park, and that was full 
too. Recommended in the strongest terms. (25.v.1998)