The Rising Sun
26 High Street, Thame, OX9 2BZ. Tel. (01844) 214206

    * Brakspear Bitter 1.75
    * Coniston Bluebird Bitter 1.95
    * Brakspear Hooray Henley 2.00 (23.viii.1999)

Coniston Bluebird Bitter is good but possibly not as good as has been made 
out. Maybe it doesn't travel. I was under the impression that you couldn't 
get it down here anyway.

Anyway, the pub itself is furnished in a variety of styles -- two 
luxurious maroon armchairs by the door, and bits of various three piece 
suites throughout the rest of the pub. Some of the carpet seems to have 
died horribly. One of the bits of the pub seems to have been converted 
from being the landlord's living room.

The soundtrack to my pint started off as Motown and slowly wound down into 
eighties soft rock `ballads'. I returned my glass to the bar and left.