The Red Lion, Old Marston
Morland Original Bitter 1.50
Morland Original Smooth 1.76
Morland Tanners Jack 2.00
Ruddles County 2.20
Gin and Tonic 1.85
Crisps 40p (12.ix.1998)

Good this. Best pub for beer in Marston by my reckoning. Three beers on 
cask, and two bars, one a long winding red plush lounge, the other a 
public bar with a pool table and illustrated pigs of every description. 
Naive pigs, photographs of pigs, clay pigs, a pig's head with a hat on it 
Irvine Welsh fashion, and on the windowsill, a soft toy pig sitting on a 
soft toy sofa. At least, that's what it looks like.

The last time I was here, the man who came in behind us said "Must be 
students." "Yes" said James Davey. Don't know whether this was the correct 
answer. The prices are on a mirror above the bar.

The pub dog is the most imaginative I've seen yet, being a longhaired 
black dachshund called Bumbles. (12.ix.1998)