The Red Lion (Morland)
Cassington Road, Yarnton

    * Ruddles Best 1.90
    * Stella Artwuh 2.20 (19.vii.1998)

Out at the far west end of Yarnton, the big pub sign means that you can't 
miss it. It had a big bouncy castle out the back, and the pub dog could have 
either been a golden retriever or a labrador because I could only see its 

Two televisions with the sound turned down, several cubbyholes and a dining 
area towards the garden. The menu has an imaginative range of dishes 
including the surreal "Foot of Cod". Can't speak for them, but I get the 
impression from the menu that they're cooked on-site in an oven.

The Ruddles Best was good but not as good as it has been. (19.vii.1998)

David Lecomber adds:
Their Steak and Guinness Pie was superb. (iii.2001)