The Red Lion, Wolvercote
Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm

Banks's Bitter 1.64
Banks's Smooth 1.84
Marston Pedigree 1.83
Coffee 1.04 (per mug)
Big bag of crisps 50p (13.xii.1997)

Reasonable range, about the same as the White Hart across the road, but a 
bit less real-aley somehow. Coffee more expensive than in the Kings Arms, 
beer less so. Log fire, but otherwise a bit brown and a bit plain, and 
they don't serve food in the afternoons. The worst bit is definitely the 
piped music in the facilities. I don't want to wash my hands to the 
accompaniment of the late John Denver singing "When a Child is Born". 
Henry Braun adds:
By contrast, the pub in lower Wolvercote nearest to the Trout (big one 
with garden on S-bend) does not very cheap food in miserly portions with 
nothing to recommend it at all. The sort of restaurant atmosphere dreamt 
up by a pub designer who wants to break into lucrative motorway 
service-station work. Don't eat.