The Red Lion (Mr Q's)
Oxford Road, Kidlington

    * Marston's Pedigree 1.90
    * Addlestones Cask Cider 2.10 (10.xi.1998)
    * Carlsberg 1.99 (10.vii.2000)

I expected this to be full of pool tables and underage Kidlingtonians leaning 
over them. Fortunately, this part of the pub is hidden from the civilized 
front part of it, which is dark, woody, and has bar billiards.

It also has real cider. The other Addlestones I'd seen before was carbonated 
and not really cask-conditioned (unlike what it claimed on the pump) and in 
the Vine at Cumnor, but this is the genuine article. The Marstons Pedigree 
was passable and possibly even identifiable. (10.xi.1998)

Martyn Preston adds:
The Red Lion was recently refitted and extended, now having six pool tables. 
Service can get a bit slow at busy times. (10.vii.2000)