The Red Lion, Islip

    * Tetley Cask 1.80
    * Shipcombes Bitter 1.85
    * Titanic Lifeboat Bitter 1.90
    * Murphys Stout 2.20
    * Strongbow Cider 2.20 (31.i.1998)

Separate restaurant, good range of real ales, recently refurbished, 
knowledgeable-seeming manager, would be brilliant, except it's full of 
schoolchildren. The adults seem to be concealed in the restaurant. I don't 
particularly wish after a long day in the office/trudging round Otmoor to 
essay a quiet pint or half in a pub full of noisy folk who are nowhere near 
stopping growing yet.

Food looks reasonably-priced. Perhaps that's the solution. (31.i.1998)

Tracy Wallace writes:
For the record, The Red Lion in Islip has a skittle alley. The alley itself 
is in a self-contained 'mini-pub' round the back, with its own bar and 
kitchen access.