The Red Lion, Wallingford Road, Cholsey

    * Brakspear Bitter 1.90
    * Hobbs Summer Ale 1.20 (20.viii.1999)

Do not be tempted by the price of the Hobbs (I wonder whether there's any 
connection with the A.E. Hobbs public house in Henley), because it's not 
real ale. The Brakspear Bitter itself (only thing on cask) was all right, 
but definitely on the turn. I suspect that people don't drink it fast 
enough. Managed a pint of it with no ill effects though.

Busy pub with bright pool room at the southern end and white garden 
furniture outside. A sign in the window claims that Bar Billiards can be 
played, but I didn't find any evidence of this. Should have asked the 

The bits of decor that caught my attention were the particularly horrible 
coloured-glass lanterns hanging outside the doors, a tiny reproduction of 
an old pub sign, possibly indicating that this was a Bass house many years 
ago, and a framed document on the wall marking the auctioning of this pub, 
along with one in Brightwell cum Sotwell, and one called "Chestnuts" in 
Woodcote. Wonder if it's still there. (20.viii.1999)