Steven Green writes:
"The Red Lion" closed down several years ago and has since been
demolished and turned into flats.

The Red Lion (Morland) Vineyard, Abingdon * Morland Bitter 1.76 * Morland Smooth 1.90 * Morland Old Speckled Hen 2.10 * Guinness 2.20 * Strongbow 1.96 (11.xii.1997) This appears to be the main venue in Abingdon, or at least "The Vault" which is some sort of cellar device underneath is. It's mostly toffee-coloured with a mildly artexed ceiling, and the bottom half of it is red all the way round. The management seems to have changed from Morrells to Morland quite recently (the pub sign hasn't caught up yet), and they seem to be trying quite hard to pull the punters, with 50p off from five till eight and the offer of a pound a pint on Mondays. They have three big pools tables. And, oddly, alcopop flavour. No, really. (11.xii.1997)