The Railway (Fullers)
Station Road, Wheatley, Oxon.

    * Fullers Chiswick Bitter 1.50
    * Fullers ESB 2.10 (18.iii.1998)

    * Fullers London Pride 2.05 (v.2000)

Ascending the surprisingly-steep Station Road which runs out of the south 
of Wheatley from the High Street, a striking white building with black 
trimmings appears. This is the former railway station, now a pub owned by 
Fullers of Chiswick. And very welcome it is too.

They do the full Fullers range and are open all day. The interior of the 
pub is all dark pine on the walls and floors (which makes it very dark 
during daylight hours), and most of the decoration consists of signs from 
the days when it was a railway station. There's a sign up prohibiting 
"children on the pool table", and a few barrels hanging around for 
decorative purposes.

Most of the food is apparently variable in quality, but the barbecued 
chicken wings are consistently good, I'm told.

Facilities (which are furnished with occasional train noises, apparently) 
a bit primitive, but this is set to change when they revamp the pub 
internally and stick on a two-storey extension at the north end. I look 
forward to seeing what they do to it. (18.iii.1998)

Thanks to Helen Ewart, formerly of Holton, Wheatley for additional 
information about this pub.

Edward Harris adds:Pleasant pub on Station Hill selling London Pride and 
ESB. Has free pool table on a Tuesday. Reasonable range of fairly cheap 
pub grub on at lunchtimes. Decorated with railway pictures, some 
locomotive names and number plates, and enamel signs.

The building work on the north end of the building has improved the 
facilities to a fair standard (but the train noises have gone!), and there 
is now a function room, just completed, called "Track 2".

The only minus point is the smokiness of the pub, which can get very thick 
and chewy. They hold a Pub Quiz on Thursdays, and a very loud Karaoke on 
Sundays. (v.2000)