(Now The Rickety Press)

The Radcliffe Arms (Free House), 67 Cranham Street, Oxford OX2 6DE.
Tel. (01865) 514762

Arms: Ermine four bendlets engralled sable. "Semper fidelis"

Food: Mon-Thu 12 noon to 2.30pm, 6pm to 9pm
Fri-Sun 12 noon to 9pm.

Old Speckled Hen GBP 2.25 (14.xi.2000)
Omelettes GBP 3.00
Sunday Roasts GBP 3.75 (7.i.2001)

White building with black beams on the corner of Cranham Street and Cranham
Terrace.  The other Radcliffe Arms in the country are mostly in Yorkshire,
with two in Hitchin and Kidderminster.  The beer on offer is Marstons Pedigree,
Old Speckled Hen and Theakston XB.  All sparklered by default, but they don't 
mind taking them off.

Pool table in the small room just before the room round the back which is
enclosed at either end and has a conservatory in the middle. Peculiar green
lighting and huge plants.

The food is why you'll be coming here, and is good chips, omelettes, pizzas,
and so on.  Absolutely packed with students at around teatime during term.
The Sunday lunch, on the other hand, is sadly not up to the standard of the
rest of it and rather soggy.

The 1993 3rd prize Oxford in Bloom certificate for Best Kept Public
House actually says OXFORD BLOO. (14.xi.2000)

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
Cheerful and noisy and does unpretentious very good value food.  Pioneering
the indoor beer garden, which is useful when it rains.

Mark Dickerson updates:
New pine decking, new curtains and some work on the garden happening on our
visit.  The pool table has been replaced with more tables to cram in even more 
eating custom.  Thankfully at least one of the original windows has been
retained; it's all fair enough but is indicative of change in Jericho.

Appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Oxford.

2002-07-13 / 15.xi.2000 / 16.v.2000