Now closed. (2011-10-06)

The Queen's Own, Oxford Street, Woodstock Ushers * Ushers Founders Ale (4.5%) 2.10 (19.v.1999) The pub sign, and I am indebted to Ruth Kitchin of the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock for this information, is of a Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussar. (Queer Object on Horseback.) He has a blue jacket and sits on a horse. The pub sign can also be found in a tiny patio out the back with two tables, a trellis, a tree and a laburnum. In the indoors part of the pub, there is music threatened on Sunday the 30th, three real ales, one of them a guest with a pump clip I couldn't read, a big fire and a dartboard. Very tall and narrow building at the top of the hill going down to the Glyme and Old Woodstock. Beer fine. (19.v.1999)