The Queens Arms (Free House)
Kelburne Road, Church Cowley, Oxford

John Smith Smooth 1.90 
Dry Blackthorn 2.10
Budweiser 2.10 (16.xii.1997)

Right community pub this is - there's childrens' parties and regular 
discos. On the other hand, everything here is in kegs, and the lighting's 
rather odd - it looks as if it's being floodlit from a tremendous 
distance. This is probably due to the neon signs behind the bar and the 
concealed UV lamps.

The decor is woody, with green seating and fake beams in the ceiling. The 
curtains are a bit unpleasant as well. They do cashew nuts, though, and 
there's an indoors bit next to the Gents (clean enough, fifteen degrees, 
but not unlike an old swimming pool's) where you can park your bike. 

Gordon Wood warns:
Apparently this used to be a Harvester pub/restaurant. A LibDem canvasser 
had hordes of unpleasant characters shouting 'vote BNP' erupt out of the 
pub as he went past last week. (