The Pub Oxford (It's A Scream)
The Plain, Oxford.

    * Newcastle Brown (bottle) 2.50 (Two Pounds Fifty)
    * Grolsch Lager 2.50 (2.v.2000)
    * Worthingtons (keg) 2.00 (15.xii.2000)

Formerly the Pub at the Plain formerly the Hobgoblin formerly the Cape of 
Good Hope (it had been the Cape of Good Hope ever since at least 1785 - 
before that it was a yard where you parked horses).

Indeed, a few years ago there were a few cask ales on tap. These have gone 
now, so it doesn't matter that you're not allowed to take your glasses up 
to The Point (a venue on top, which smells slightly of school changing 
rooms). And it's hideously expensive (see above).

Scarcely a pub any more, more of a bar for people a lot younger than I am 
underneath a venue. Live DJ and a red pool table. There's benches out the 
back with views of Iffley Road if it's all a bit too bangin' for you on 
the inside. (They don't say "bangin'" any more, do they?) (2.v.2000)

Coming here before a group dinner, a colleague, noticing a Britney Spears 
video on the television in the corner, points out that while he owns none 
of her albums, he does have all of the videos. I point out that Camille 
Paglia said something very similar. Only a fortnight later did I discover 
that it was in fact Elizabeth Wurtzel. (15.xii.2000)

A few months ago, the Oxford section on BBCi described The Point as 
"defunked".  I think they meant "defunct".