The Priory and ?, Grenoble Road, Littlemore
Mill House Inns
Bass Bitter 1.92
Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.04
Guinness Stout 2.14 (25.iv.1998)

It's a low flat building at the far end of Priory Road from the Minchery 
Farm estate, just south of Minchery Farm itself and just to the east of 
the Oxford Science Park. It used to be Littlemore Priory until the 
dissolution of the monasteries, and in recent times has passed through a 
succession of owners and functions culminating in the present ownership by 
Mill House Inns, and the present title. The pub sign actually says "The 
Priory and ...?...".

Huge TV screen, food on sale (not clear when), a sizeable car park, and 
some benches outside. One ale on cask, Bass, not that impressive.