Prince of Wales

Much the same (and as good) as ever. Cider: Old Rosie, Stowford Press and Thatcher's Gold. Still Wadworth beer.


(Woodforde's Norfolk Wherry (3.8%) GBP 1.88, Wadworth Old Timer (5.5%) GBP 2.14, Weston's Old Rosie (7.0%) GBP 2.40) This is the best pub in at least the eastern side of Oxford and possibly within six miles of Carfax. The range isn't quite as broad as the Turf or the Red Lion in Garsington or the Machine Man in Long Wittenham, but for me it's the best compromise betwee range, distance and business. It also has a coal fire in winter. It now has Old Rosie. And board games. Pub quiz on Tuesdays. This is in central Iffley, just north of Iffley Lock, up a wee slope behind an ample car park. Until earlier this century it was only accessible up a rutted track, but since then there's been a road built all the way to St Mary the Virgin at Iffley. It serves food, and there is a dog who hangs around this part of the pub, waiting for some food. There's also a wee beer garden.


Mark Dickerson adds:
Serves cheap (GBP 3.95) though not superb sausages with garlic potatoes and black puding; the menu when I went last Monday was short, but good and of the cottage pie/gammon steak variety.