The Prince of Wales
Station Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 7NN. Tel. Abingdon (01235) 813207

Aargh. The green signs on the outside are enough to tell you that it's 
been New Morrellsed. On the inside we have lots more paraphernalia by the 
yard as seen in The Famous Bullnose Morris in Blackbird Leys. Huge 
ensemble of clocks against the northern wall, next to which we have a big 
dining table with a headboard on which is painted "there were six in the 
bed, and the little one said `roll over'".

Very family food-orientated. Chef comes out of swing doors in the kitchen 
bearing plates of fish in batter. Service a bit here and there. Barmaid 
takes excruciatingly long time to process an order of a half of Varsity 
and a half of Dry Blackthorn on one of those electronic touch-screen cash 
registers. And she gives me a half of Oxford. "Could I have a half of 
Varsity please?" No reply. (13.i.2000)