The Prince of Wales (Morrells)
Horspath Road, Cowley, Oxford.

Packed it was when I went (30.xii.1997). No discernible price list. 
Function room out the back with skittle alley. It's an acute angle in 
shape, with one leg being the lounge, which has two coal fires, only one 
of which was roaring when I went (and had two dogs asleep in front of it), 
and wainscoting halfway up the walls, with a possibly extremely useful 
dado shelf to rest your pint on. The rest of the walls are covered in 
Guinness baraphernalia, including a range of Heath Robinson-style cartoons 
by John Ireland I'd not seen before. Woodchipped ceiling, the pool table 
in the bar is full-sized, but the bar billiards table appeared to have a 
lid on it and not be in operation. It was a bit too busy to enquire 
further about it.

Only Morrells Oxford on cask, and the keg range included Whitbread, 
Morrells Friars, Guinness and three separate ciders (Strongbow, Stowford 
Press and Olde English, which apparently doesn't count). (31.xii.1997)