The Plough, High Street, Witney
Ruddles Best Bitter 1.80
Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.10 (25.v.1998)

Absolutely deserted it was when we came here, and a pretty average Morland 
pub it is, even if it does have a "secret riverside garden" overlooking 
the Windrush. Fairly large room divided by a fireplace, and unusually all 
of the keg pumps set into a wooden megafont stretching along one side of 
the bar. On cask we had Ruddles Best and I think Morland Original was the 
other, but it was off and the pump clip was turned round.

The barwoman sounded awfully like the woman from Falkirk who runs The 
Consumers' Association and used to be in charge of Shelter and whose name, 
Owen Massey reminds me, is Sheila McKechnie. (25.v.1998)