The Plough, Merton

Free House
Closed Monday to Thursday at lunchtimes. 

Theakston's XB 1.80 
Fullers London Pride 1.90 (31.i.98) 

Hint: there is no straightforward route from Otmoor to Merton other than 
the main road from Islip or Charlton-on-Otmoor.  You'll find the service 
here very friendly, and the pub at a weekend lunchtime is full of 
good-natured locals who all know one another (small village, you see). 
Resilient carpet, pleasant conservatory with serving hatch, and I'm told 
that the scampi is well done.  After a morning of wandering round Otmoor 
and getting here the wrong way from Murcott, the food was very welcome. 
Basket meals without vegetables (salad is extra at 1.50, as are extra and 
nonetheless sizeable portions of chips), come in between 3 and 4, and 
other main courses are just over a fiver a shot. 

Beer probably well-kept, but I was sufficiently thirsty not to mind 
particularly if it hadn't been. (1998-01-31)