The Plough, Long Wittenham
Was Ushers, now Courage
Marstons Pedigree 1.97
Mackeson bottled Stout 1.05
Strongbow Cider 2.10 (15.iii.1998)

It's very like a private house. In fact the games room feels exactly like 
a dining room, and you go to it from the lounge bit (which has a 
properly-uneven ceiling with beams at different heights, often too low to 
accommodate a full-sized man) through a hallway with stairs up it that 
presumably lead to bedrooms. The public bar has a television on it for the 

The range of beers is alright, and the lounge has a very impressive iron 
fire with slamming doors, above which is a signed photograph of a smiling 
Bob Hoskins. There's two cats, a black one called Kitty with white front 
socks and trousers, and a mostly white one with black bits called Olly, 
who's the son of the former. If you don't concentrate when visiting the 
Gents across the back yard, you'll end up in the utility room.