The Plough Inn, Clifton Hampden
Websters Bitter 1.70
Courage Directors 1.70
Courage Best 2.00
Cider 2.00
Coffee 1.25
Tea 1.25 (14.iii.1998)

Entering Clifton Hampden on the A415, we thought initially that this 
building, being white with a thatched roof, was the Barley Mow, but the 
large plough outside set us right on this. Other than the upstairs dining 
room, this is a very small pub, about the size of the Carpenters Arms in 
Jericho or the King and Queen in Wheatley. Pleasant, warm, fires at both 
ends (only one of them lit), and a good deal less family-restauranty than 
the Barley Mow across the bridge.

Two miles along from the worst pub coffee (Berinsfield Arms), we find here 
the best pub coffee I've found --- it's served to you in a three-cup 
cafetiere, with a mint (as is the tea), and is better than the similarly 
expensive stuff at the Kings Arms Hotel in Horton-cum-Studley.