The Plough, North Street, Bicester

I suppose we sat next to a dartboard, which didn't really help. The 
wallpaper is amazingly loud and clashes with the Fosters Lager chequered 
flag placards that hang from the top of the bar along with a smallish 
(compared to The Bear) collection of ties.

Reasonable pint of Varsity, though nothing fantastic. The chief point of 
interest about the pub, however, is the barman, who looks like the sort of 
person Reeves and Mortimer would invent. He is a displaced working man's 
club character with astonishing Elvis haircut and beer belly, though with 
the sort of flawless Oxfordshire accent that suggests strongly that he was 
brought up here or hereabouts.

It doesn't help, somehow, that he not only welcomes you in, but sees you 
off standing outside (sometimes in the rain). (12.iii.1999)