The Plough (Charles Wells)

Charles Wells IPA GBP 2.20
Charles Wells Bombardier GBP 2.40
Ginger wine GBP 2.00

This is some way from either village green, and on the road to King's 
Sutton.  It's very foody in one half, and has been recently redone.  The 
pine bar is still shiny with varnish, and the whole place has something 
of the air of a new caravan.

Reasonable beer from Bedford.  House gin available.

Charles Wells' advertising is very bad, though.  It makes absolutely
standard bitter which it then flourishes a St George's Cross over.  
English, you know.  None of your foreign muck.  Do the shaven-headed,
Hackett-wearing halfwits this is aimed at know who brews (for instance)
Red Stripe?  Or the more interesting Banana Bread Ale?  To their credit, 
they sponsor the Cambridge Folk Festival, which more than makes up for 
it.  Yes.