Now demolished. (2005-08-14)

The Plasterers Arms, Marston Road Morrells Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm (Food Noon-2.45pm, 6pm-9pm) Sunday Noon to 10.30pm (Food Noon to 2.45pm) Morrells Varsity 2.10 Pot of tea 1.00 Mug of coffee/hot chocolate 95p Coca-cola 95p Soup of the day and baguette 1.80 Ploughman's lunch 3.60 Garlic bread 1.25 Chips 1.50 Gammon steak 5.15 Breaded plaice / battered cod 4.75 Chicken Kiev 5.25 Quarter pound beefburger 4.25 Quarter pound cheeseburger 4.25 (10.ii.1999) This comes in two bits, a teeny wee lounge with a restricted list of beers and wallmeringuing, and a big bar with a good deal more beers, but unfortunate orange artexing on the walls. Mercifully this is mostly covered up by posters connected with Irish literature. The Flann O'Brien picture mentioned below is printed next to a verse from "The Workman's Friend", which is appropriate. Most of the stuff on the jukebox that gets played in the evening is Irish, as are the two older barmen. Morrells Varsity in here used to be the definitive pint for me, but now it's a bit different. Not sure as to whether this is an effect of the change of brewery. I don't wish to encourage the drinking of synthetic cider, but if you have to, this place does four separate ones - Dry Blackthorn, Strongbow, Old Rosie, and Blackthorn Cidermaster, which Elaine tells me is stronger and sweeter than average. Good minestrone soup, huge amounts of garlic bread, and a decent helping of chips are all available at lunchtime, only marred by Brookes types in bodywarmers smoking. Butter from those wee foil packets unfortunately. (10.ii.1999)