The Philosopher and Firkin (Firkin)
Magdalen Road, East Oxford.

    * Firkin Dogbolter 1.89
    * Firkin Thesis Ale 1.69
    * Firkin Philosopher Ale 1.79
    * Firkin Stout 1.89 (21.iv.1998)

"Oh good", I thought, spotting that there was a stout on what appeared to 
be cask. Unfortunately it came out chilled and with a sparkler on it. The 
building itself is the exact same as the Anchor on Hayfield Road, which is 
a bit unsettling, and before it was this, it contained the University and 
City Arms, which was apparently a very threatening pub.

This, on the other hand, isn't. It's bland and pasteurized, and full of 
mock-old painted signs, many of which revolve around the allegedly amusing 
similarity of the word "Firkin" to a well-known expletive. Many of the 
tables are huge mock-barrels. (21.iv.1998)

Since Autumn 1999, brewing has no longer been going on here. They will be 
serving national brands instead, but I haven't been down here yet to find 
out what they are. (29.iii.2000)