The Perch, Binsey Lane, Oxford

The Perch in winter is markedly different from the Perch in summer (see 
below). On a freezing cold night in late March, I was one of only two 
customers in the pub. There was nobody sitting outside, and the barman 
seemed grateful for the conversation. Later on a pair of labradors 
wandered through.

Having grown up in an out-of-season seaside resort, it's the out-of-season 
experience that I come for. The Trout at Godstow is hugely better in 
January than in May as well.

And today, the guest was Brains SA from Cardiff. Not quite on top form, 
but that's what you expect when there isn't many customers about. Moving 
inside, we notice that the real fire has doors so thick on it that you 
can't feel the warmth. The artificial candles flicker on. (8.iv.2000)

The guest ales have stopped, unfortunately. And the coffee comes from a 
machine, if you go for coffee. (7.i.2001)

Owen Massey writes:
The Perch in Binsey is full of families decanted from their Volvos, but 
I'm sure the food is pleasant enough if you can afford it. You can reach 
it via Medley Bridge across Port Meadow, or by turning off Botley Road up 
Binsey Lane. While you're there you may as well walk through the pretty 
and ramshackle village of Binsey and on to Binsey Church, which has a 
noted well. (Nota bene?)