The Penny Black, Sheep Street, Bicester
Ales of less than 4.2% 1.59
Ales in excess of 4.2% 1.75
Westons Old Rosie 1.95 (One Pound Ninety-Five) (1.x.1998)

It used to be a post office, hence the name, and is a huge howling shed of 
a pub. But it has twelve cask pumps, so I'm happy, even if it does look as 
if it's been decorated by Primary Seven. The tin-foil covered giant 
cardboard spanner hanging above the bar is a particular low point, as is 
the giant Cluedo board done on a bed sheet, or indeed the tin-foil covered 
cardboard cutlery on the lintel on the way into the conservatory.

The Summer Lightning was good, and owing to a special offer cost 1.39 the 
pint. It came in a 1.5pt glass. The barman, a greasy youth of a fellow got 
obstreperous and demanded that Elaine prove that she was in excess of 
eighteen, which is a bit off for someone who's older than both the rest of 
the party and the barman hisself.

If you're a beer enthusiast, this is very good, but if you're less fussed 
about that then it descends impressively toward mediocrity. (1.x.1998)