The Osney Arms (Greene King)
45 Botley Road, Oxford

Greene King Abbot Ale 1.92
Twiglets 45p (

It's pleasant enough, there's a choice of two ales on cask (IPA and Abbot 
if you like that sort of thing), the upholstery's fairly red, and out of 
the pubs along Botley Road, I'd say it was a toss-up between here and the 
Kite Inn on Mill Street, unless you're going for plain oddity, in which 
case Walter Mitty's is your best bet.

The one feature that distinguishes it from the Kite Inn, other than the 
brewery, and that it's divided clearly into a lounge bar and a public bar, 
and that there's tassles hanging from the light above the pool table, is 
that the Gents is a magnificent Victorian room with porcelain tiles most 
the way up to the ceiling. It's like a cross between something out of St 
Pancras and a giant teatowel. It's exactly what Keble should be like on 
the inside.

They do Twiglets. (