The Old Crown Coaching Inn (Old English Inns)
Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Tel. (01367) 242744

Initially in a good mood here. They do Ruddles Best (haven't seen that in 
age), among the Theakston XB and the Courage Directors. The dishes 
clinking from the kitchen have proper restauranty sauces on them. They 
have passages and worn-down stone steps and a courtyard and everything. 
Unfortunately on examining the menu they have a warning that they cannot 
guarantee that anything on the menu is free of nuts or nut derivatives. 
Would this apply if they grilled a fish, I ask. It's the suppliers, they 
tell me, and they can't guarantee that the fish hasn't been interfered 
with by the suppliers (or words to that effect).

This is unsatisfactory. We go across the square to The Bell for food 
instead. (1.vii.2000)