The Nut Tree Inn, Murcott, Otmoor
Free house tied to Morrells
Morrells Oxford 1.85
Morrells Varsity 2.00
King Alfred 2.00
Guinness Stout 2.30
Strongbow Cider 2.20 (31.i.1998)

Yes, the publican did look awfully like Ned Sherrin, come to think of it. 
This thatched pub is currently undergoing rewiring, but this didn't seem to 
affect things too much. Four ales on cask, duck pond outside, rather 
nauseating pub sign bearing a nursery rhyme I had up-till-then completely 
forgotten about, conservatory, piles of Country Life in the Ladies 
apparently, and a real log fire. Standing next to the fire is a giant brass 
copper washing dolly. And there's a portrait of Burns. Don't know what the 
origin of that was.

Last orders for lunchtime food at ten to two. (31.i.1998)