The North Arms (Morrells)
Wroxton St Mary

Outside the entrance to Wroxton Abbey, which is currently occupied by Fairleigh
Dickinson University of Noo Joizy.  Transatlantic geography is different,
you know.  Over here, Wroxton is just outside Banbury.  Over there, Wroxton
is twelve miles away from Stratford-on-Avon.

The pub has been, on first inspection, left pretty unscathed by Morrells.  The
signage outside is about the only indication, though the jugs inside the back
door are a bit suspect.  Big doggy back garden with benches.  Lots of people
being served food out in it.  Huge plates of chips ferried past where I was
drinking the apricot wine.

It was Lord North who lost America, you know.