The Moon and Sixpence (Free House)
Hanwell, Oxfordshire 

*	Hook Norton Best 1.75
*	Courage Directors 2.15
*	Bass 2.05 (

It's the sort of pub name I should be able to explain, but can't, and that 
should have a squiggly sign on the inside of the pub to account for 
itself, but hasn't.

This looks like a restaurant with a pub bar at one end. We buy our Hook 
Norton and sit in a pair of armchairs by the window which are almost the 
only non-dining seats in the building. Blackboards, beams, carpets and 
candles everywhere.

The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times are available. Same range of beer, 
it is noted, as in The Red Lion in Cropredy. Could the two be connected?